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China Rapid Finance (“China Rapid Finance” or the “Company”) operates one of China’s largest consumer lending marketplaces in terms of total number of loans, having facilitated over 27 million loans to over 3.7 million unique borrowers as of September 30, 2017 at a significantly lower borrowing cost than many competitors. The Company deploys machine learning and proprietary decisioning technology to facilitate affordable digital credit for one of the world's largest untapped consumer credit markets: China’s 500 million Emerging Middle-class Mobile Active consumers (EMMAs). China Rapid Finance operates a pure play marketplace, and does not take credit risk. The Company utilizes its technology to efficiently select quality EMMAs for its platform...More

Recent News
Dec 4, 2017

China Rapid Finance Limited ("China Rapid Finance" or the "Company") (NYSE: XRF), a leading online consumer lending marketplace, today announced that it believes the long-term impact of the...

Nov 9, 2017

- Gross Billings on core Consumption Loans up 1258% Y-o-Y - Total Gross Billings up 125% Y-o-Y - Operating Cash Flow Positive - Number of New Borrowers Increased by 804% Y-o-Y - Guidance to Q4...

Oct 30, 2017

China Rapid Finance Limited ("China Rapid Finance" or the "Company") (NYSE: XRF), one of China's largest consumer lending marketplaces, today announced that it plans to release its third quarter...

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